New restrictions have just been introduced in Birmingham because of the infection rate in the city more than doubling in a week.  Against this background there is unfortunately no possibility at present of us being able to resume meeting together as a church. 

However the Pastoral Team promised that we would arrange for a full risk assessment of the ‘Green Hall’ to be carried out.  That risk assessment has been done with extreme care and thoroughness by Janet Butler and Nigel James. 

Thanks Nigel and Janet for doing a great job.

They found:

  • the redecoration and refurbishment is at a standstill because of Covid and it would not be possible for us to use the hall until that work is completed.
  • the absolute maximum number of people who could be accommodated with social distancing measures in place would be 45.
  • the flow of people into and out of the building would have to be carefully controlled by stewards, as would showing people to their seats.
  • A variety of other safety measures would need to be in place, such as hand sanitising stations, transparent screening for the band etc.
  • A rigorous cleaning regime would be required, including the toilets cleaned either before or after each use.
  • No congregational singing and minimal socialising could be permitted.

Given all of the above, you will understand that we will not be back meeting at the Green Hall for some considerable time to come.

The Pastoral Team believe it is important that we embrace the situation as it is, trusting that God has His purposes in what is happening.   You have all been doing a great job of loving and supporting one another, so let’s keep going, joyfully and prayerfully overcoming in this time of trial.   Meetings on Zoom and the monthly online video meeting will continue as at present. 

We are very open to ideas and suggestions you may have of new things we can do to connect in worship and mutual encouragement in this unusual time.  We would love to hear from you.

Are you struggling?  We realise this is extremely difficult for some people.  If you aren’t coping, please reach out to your friends and/or to a member of the pastoral team. 

Email us at

Grace and peace to you all

With love

The Pastoral Team

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