This week Debbie talks about feeding on the right things.

For links to audio Bibles mentioned in the video, see the bottom of the post.

Word for the Week - Eat What is Good 1
Word for the Week - Eat What is Good 2

Audio Bible in Farsi

Mobile Bible App with audio option

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  1. Mhairi Campbell-Fowler

    A word in season. Challenging, nourishing, bringing us back to THE ONE THING, thanks Debs,
    delivered by a modest, gracious and lovely lady! 🙂

    • Debbie Taylor

      Oh Vasikins, what a nice thing to say. You can comment on the website any time you want! xx

    • Debbie Taylor

      And starring the ducks as well.

  2. Mhairi Campbell-Fowler

    looking forward to the postcards! What a lovely idea!


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